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On stage, to the left a woman is kneeling down, holding a child (portrayed by a doll) closely in her arms. In the back, to the right, a man is sitting in a wheelchair, watching them. In the middle of the stage stands a vibrantly blue screen.
From the opening performance of the play My convention, at Mosaikteatern. Photo: Håkan Larsson.

Artistic talk: Using performing arts to shed light on children’s rights

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196 countries have signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child but what do children know about their rights and the convention created for their benefit? And how can we empower children, raise their awareness and increase their knowledge about the convention, in an accessible and appealing way?

By using performing arts as a tool, we can convey important messages, evoke emotions and thoughts, and start discussions.

The talk

With the artistic talk Using performing arts to shed light on children’s rights we wish to provide an overview of the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Armenia. We will present some methods and successful examples of combining performing arts and human rights. We will also raise the issue of limited accessibility in both fields – performing arts and human rights, for children with disabilities.

The talk will have a focus on My Convention – a performing arts production about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – co-created with children, for children, about their convention. The production is a collaboration between organisations in Sweden and Armenia, with the aim to strengthen children's knowledge of their rights, and give them a springboard to find out more. And through the achieved knowledge and experiences dare to make their voices heard.

Theatre for Changes, the leading interactive theatre company in Armenia, will present their experience in working with performing arts in promoting children’s rights. Through theatre-based edutainment techniques, Theatre for Changes engages schoolchildren in a creative, inclusive and entertaining learning process to boost their civic participation and involvement in public life.

Sophia Alexandersson, Chief Executive and Artistic director, ShareMusic & Performing Arts.

Mariam Muradyan, Child Rights Officer/ Researcher in EE and CA countries, Global Campus and Rights Livelihood Foundation joint project at Center for European Studies, Yerevan State University, Armenia.

Vahan Badalyan, General Director of National Centre for Aesthetics. Artistic Director of NCA Small Theater. Founder of the first professional Inclusive Dance Company in Armenia.

Karin Styvers, Director of My Convention, actress, puppeteer and law student.

Karin Delén, dancer in ShareMusic´s dance ensemble Work and lawyer.

Christina Danielyan, trainer at NCA Inclusive Training Centre for Performing Arts and theatrical teacher at Dilijan Community Center, Armenia.

Hayk Sekoyan, Executive Artistic Director of the Theatre for Changes, Armenia.

Catharina Bergil, Head of the Performing Arts department at the Academy of Music and Drama at the Gothenburg university, Sweden.

The talk is organised by ShareMusic & Performing Arts in collaboration with Yerevan State University and Small Theatre of the National Centre of Aesthetics after Henrik Igityan. The event is a production within the framework of the project Performing Arts Exchange-2, with support from the Swedish Institute. The aim of the project “Performing Arts Exchange-2” is to develop further a long-lasting and sustainable cross-sectoral collaboration between partners in Sweden and Armenia. We aim to exchange knowledge and experiences about inclusive artistic methods and to explore how arts can be used as a tool in work with human rights perspectives.

Place and time

The talk will be held online, on Zoom.

Date: Tuesday November 22, 2022.

Time: 10.15 – 11.45 (CET) / 13.15 – 14.45 (Armenian time)

The talk will be held in English, with translation provided in Armenian.


The last day of registration is Friday, November 18. Please register via this link (registration form). When registered you will receive a link to the online event by e-mail.

ShareMusic & Performing Arts, a Swedish knowledge centre for artistic development and inclusion, is a non-profit organisation independent of party politics, religion and trade unions. ShareMusic is a development platform and a resource, which collaborates with the arts and cultural sector as well as the social and education sector and the academic world. It is a local, regional, national and international platform that supports and provides tools for sustainable inclusive work within the arts.


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