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ShareMusic's team is standing outdoors in the rain. Eight people are standing on a grey square in Paris, in front of the Centre Pompidou.
ShareMusic’s team gathered in front of the Centre Pompidou. Photo: ShareMusic & Performing Arts.

MuseIT: Consortium meeting in Paris

In January 2023, a MuseIT consortium meeting gathered all 11 partners from nine countries, for the very first Advisory and Ethics boards meeting, and for discussions on how we can collaborate to achieve the best possible result.

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The project MuseIT took us on an exciting journey to Paris earlier this year. We participated in a consortium meeting, which gathered 11 partner organisations from nine countries! The consortium is coordinated by the University of Borås, Sweden.

The gathering in Paris saw the very first MuseIT Advisory and Ethics boards meeting, during which the project was presented to the board members, and we received many wise comments and guiding questions.

We also went through all the different parts of the project, and we discussed how we could collaborate to achieve the best possible results.

The Project: MuseIT

In the MuseIT project, each partner contributes to proposing technologies that facilitate and widen access to cultural assets for people with disabilities, and to help preserve and safeguard cultural heritages in an inclusive way.

We will jointly explore how to create rich and varied digital representations of cultural heritage objects. In other words, how to present music, text, and images by using technologies such as haptics or neurophysiological sensors.

For us at ShareMusic, it is essential that these ground-breaking technologies can change the lives of persons with disabilities. For many people around the world this will create opportunities to express themselves, and to participate in arts and culture. This is invaluable, especially for those who can not leave their homes.

ShareMusic’s primary focus will be on developing Co-Creation services for Shared (and intangible) Cultural Engagements. This means that we aim to build an accessible digital platform where creators can co-create at a distance, in real-time, with a maximised feeling of presence and involvement. Together with Professor Nigel Osborne, we look forward to starting this work in co-operation with Stanford University and other partners.

We are also taking an active part in other parts of the MuseIT project. For example, in Paris some of our team members and experienced musicians gave feedback on digital user experiences in a participatory workshop. The workshop itself was a great venue to exchange examples and ideas of how to provide accessible digital environments.


Actronika, one of the MuseIT-partners, is a leading supplier of high-definition haptics. During the meeting in Paris, they introduced us to their work. We were also given the opportunity to test different devices. For example, we got the chance to experience how an empty cup can feel when being filled with liquid.


Something great about this project is the possibility of getting to know other organisations, and of learning from each other. This time we got to learn about IRCAM - the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music, directed by Frank Madlener.

IRCAM is one of the world’s largest public research centres, dedicated to both musical expression and scientific research. It is associated with the Centre Pompidou, where also the first day of the consortium meeting took place.

In addition, we had the opportunity to dig deep into IRCAM’s innovative AI-project on cyber-human co-creativity, in which musicians improvise with machines in real-time.

Thank you Actronika and Michael Culture Association, and IRCAM for organising this important and much-needed meeting, for hosting us and sharing your fantastic work with us.

For more information on the MuseIT project, visit



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Image gallery

From the MuseIT Consortium Meeting in Paris January 2023. From left to right:

Sophia Alexandersson introduces ShareMusic’s work with remote digital co-creation.

Professor and composer Nigel Osborne explains how the states of mind and body can be shared in music.

Moa Johansson is trying out a haptic vest.

Gérard Assayag, IRCAM research director, presents the project REACH: Raising Co-creativity in Cyber-Human Musicianship.

Photos: ShareMusic & Performing Arts.

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