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A compilation of photos of the new members of dance ensemble Work
New members of dance ensemble Work

A warm welcome to the new members of our dance ensemble Work

After a period of inspiring workshops and meetings,
we are happy to present the new members
of ShareMusics dance ensemble Work.

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All of ShareMusic, including the existing members
of the ensemble Work ‒ Karin Delén, Jilda Hallin and Christina Ohlsson,
would like to wish our new members most and heartfully welcome:

• Hedda Parkkonen

• Jen Nguyen

• Kyrie Oda

• Linn Lindström

• Lovisa Larsson

• Sally Stiebel

We are very much looking forward to creating and sharing
wonderful and inclusive works of dance art with you.

About Work

The dance ensemble Work was formed in 2013,
in connection with a project of the same name.
With choreography by Alexander Gottfarb and
music by and with Jonas Jonasson,
a dance performance was created
based on movements created as a result of work.

An aesthetic based on functionality and problem solving
formed the basis for dance with political questions:
How is the bodily expression of work valued?
What is functionality?

The ensemble Work has since participated in several contexts,
performed and collaborated with choreographers
such as Charlotte Darbyshire and Wagner Moreira.

The ensemble is part of the research project Crossing Motion
within which the ensemble has worked interdisciplinary with,
among others, musicians from Västerås Sinfonietta and
the ShareMusic ensemble Elefantöra.

Today Work consists of dancers Karin Delén, Jilda Hallin,
Christina Ohlsson, Hedda Parkkonen, Jen Nguyen, Kyrie Oda,
Lovisa Larsson, Linn Lindström och Sally Stiebel.


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