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A photo collage where a photo is placed on a blurred black background and almost transparent purple, round patterns. At the photo is a table lamp on a stem at the bottom left. It stands on a table with lots of sound technology and wires. In the background is a women in the middle of a dance movement.
Photo and collage: ShareMusic & Performing Arts

Take part of TechLab: Stanford in Malmö

On Monday September 11 2023, you get the chance to experience Mike Mulshine's collaboration with ShareMusic during a sharing at Mitt Möllan. You will also have the opportunity to talk to Mike and the participants.

No registration needed! You are warmly welcome to Mitt Möllan at 1.30 PM (CEST)

The sharing will take around 45 minutes.

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Musican Peter and dancer Lovisa side by side, both holding the same cylinder-shaped object with their hands.
Musician Peter Larsson and dancer Lovisa Larsson created a duet with music, sound, and movement during the residency in Jönköping. Photo: ShareMusic & Performing Arts

Stanford doctoral student Mike Mulshine's TechLab residency with ShareMusic is performed in two parts: in June 2023, he worked in Jönköping, and in September, the work continues in Malmö.

In the first part of his TechLab residency with ShareMusic, Mike worked with musicians Peter Larsson and Joel Mansour, and dancer Lovisa Larsson. Mike’s goal was to create a musical performance experience that incorporated and merged all of the participants’ unique expressive interests.

Mike about the work in Jönköping:

– As artists, I believe the most valuable thing we can do, for ourselves and for others, is express ourselves the way we most desire – follow our light, so to speak. Our lights merged in Jönköping, and we began to make music together.

What will happen during the sharing at Mitt Möllan?

Portrait photo of Mike who has short brown hair and a red t-shirt.
Mike Mulshine in Jönköping. Photo: ShareMusic & Performing Arts

During the second part of the residency, musicians from ShareMusic’s ensemble in Skåne will join the group Mike worked with in Jönköping. This is what Mike answered when we asked him what the visitors can expect during the sharing in Malmö:

– The goal is to incorporate the additional musicians via a similar spontaneous, fun, agency-diffuse style as we achieved in our working process here in Jönköping, Mike explains. I also aim to find a reliable and comfortable way to incorporate the audience more directly in the work.

Time and date

Monday 11 September

1.30 PM (CEST)


Mitt Möllan

Claesgatan 8, Malmö

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